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Shinkansen Review: Kyoto to Tokyo

Shinkansen Review: Kyoto to Tokyo


Our honeymoon series:

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How much did this cost?

Round trip tickets were ~$251.50 x 2 tickets = ~$503.00

We paid cash for these tickets, and other than flights and the photo session in Da Nang, this was the most expensive component of our honeymoon!

After spending two nights in Kyoto, we headed back to Tokyo for two more nights before continuing onto Singapore.

The cab from the Hyatt Regency Kyoto to Kyoto Station was about ¥1,000, and took about ten minutes.

Our train left around noon, and we got to the Shinkansen station a little early because we wanted to try the bento boxes that the locals buy to eat in transit. There were about 4-6 stores that sold drinks and bento boxes, scattered around the area below the train tracks. We explored all of them, and picked a couple that looked promising. Each bento was about ¥1,000. You can also easily buy beers to take with you on the train. They were about $2-3/each. 

I got the Tokaido Shinkansen Bento, which had some rice with clams, white rice and egg, eel, some veggies, pickles, a piece of shrimp tempura and a piece of katsu. It wasn’t very filling, but it was a good sampling of Japanese items.

Tokaido Shinkansen Bento
Tokaido Shinkansen Bento


Shinkansen Bento
Shinkansen Review Bento

QL got the Pork Loin Cutlets Bento, which was basically a tonkatsu bento. It was rice and sesame seeds with several large pieces of tonkatsu and a few vegetables. It was a larger portion than my bento, and I ended up eating half of hers.

Tonkatsu Shinkansen Bento
Shinkansen Review Tonkatsu Bento

Tonkatsu Shinkansen Bento
Shinkansen Review Tonkatsu Bento

We recommend trying the bentos if you have the chance. From the reading we did before heading to the Kyoto station, there is a place upstairs on the eleventh floor at the station that serves really good Katsu. Here is its Yelp page. We’ll try that and a couple different bentos next time!

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