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My Hotel Strategy for Last Quarter of 2017

My Hotel Strategy for Last Quarter of 2017


I re-qualified for Hilton Diamond status easily in the first quarter. Since I took a few weeks off to get married and go on the honeymoon, it took me longer to reach Marriott’s Platinum status. As SPG had been acquired by Marriott, I was matched to SPG Platinum.

For the last quarter of the year, as part of my hotel strategy, I have been focusing on staying at IHG properties. Unlike the other three, IHG doesn’t offer free breakfast to their elite members. I’m only giving them my business the next couple of months because of the awesome Accelerate promotion that I received.

IHG offers Accelerate promotion to customers with different challenges to earn bonus points. Even if you don’t travel often like I do, it’s still beneficial to sign up. Who knows? Perhaps you’ll have an awesome offer just for one stay. It also doesn’t cost money to become a member. Besides, members usually get cheaper rates compared to nonmembers. Even prior to this traveling job, I always signed up for all loyalty programs.

Click here to register and to find out your offers.

As you can see, I could potentially earn up to 94,700 points if all the requirements are met.

Fortunately, the different promotions are stackable. For example, I stayed one night at the Holiday Inn Express in early September and from that I got 13,100 bonus points:

– 1,500 points for paying with IHG credit card
– 2,000 points for staying once
– 6,600 points for booking bonus points package
– 3,000 points for stay once in September

The actual points for the stay was only 2,000. With one stay, I accumulated 15,100 points, which could be redeemed for one free night at many Holiday Inn Express across the country. It shows how valuable these bonus points are.

With two nights earned from the promo and 2 free annual nights by holding the Chase IHG credit card (after paying $49×2=98), Tran and I will have at least four nights at our disposal. We are going back to Intercontinental Da Nang (part 1 and 2) in a couple of months.

IHG also has another promotion where they offer up to $100 gift card after two stays if paid with a MasterCard. Perhaps I’ll use that gift card for a spa treatment at the Intercontinental.

Since I stay in hotels for at least 18-25 nights monthly, I still have extra days that can be spent at other hotels. Other brands are also offering lucrative promotions.

  1. Hilton:
    – Double points for every stay.
    – After staying 10 nights, receive additional 10,000 points. The best thing about this promotion is that award nights also count. For example, my award stays at Monterey, Anaheim, and Providence counted toward the 10 nights.
    – Receive 5,000 points after 2 stays if paid with Amex Hilton* or Amex Surpass.*
    – Receive 5,000 points after 2 stays if paid with Citi Hilton cards.
    These offers are all stackable. You’ll just have to register for them. When you sign up for loyalty accounts then make sure you sign up for the emails to get these promotions. I recently completed 2 and earned a total of 15,000 points.
  2. Marriott: 
    – Earn a free night from category 1-5 after 2 stays.
    – Stay 5 more times to receive 10,000 points.
    I easily obtained the free night certificate in September and am currently 3 stays away from receiving the 10,000 bonus points. I should be able to complete the stays by mid-December.

By the end of the year, I will acquire a lot of points across the three chains. We are saving them for our upcoming Vietnam/Cambodia/Thailand trip early next year.

*We don’t have affiliate links but if you apply through our referral links and if approved, we would earn points too. Thank you.

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