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Hotel Review:  Park Hyatt Paris-Vendome

Hotel Review: Park Hyatt Paris-Vendome


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How Much Did This Cost?


How Did We Do It?

Chase Hyatt Card*

When we applied in 2015, the spending requirement was only $1,000 instead of $2,000 within 3 months.  The $75 annual fee was also waived.  Starting on 6/29/17, the bonus will be changed to 40,000 points instead of 2 free nights at any Hyatt property.  This is a major negative change since one night at this Category 7 property (which is their top tier) already charges 30,000 Hyatt points.  If you have a big trip coming up this year, I recommend to apply for this card before 6/29/17.


On this trip, we flew out of PVD to CDG, arriving around 8am. Too exhausted to take public transportation, we took an Uber to the Park Hyatt Paris. I think the ride was about €30. A room at this hotel usually costs ~$800 per night, a price we could not afford nor willing to pay even if we had the means; therefore we were utterly excited to be using both of our two-night certificates here for a total of four nights.

The hotel is located in Vendome, an affluent area where there are many high end stores like Chanel and Rolex. It was great for window shopping and day-dreaming. It is also conveniently located several blocks away from the metro. We enjoyed walking to/from the metro every day.

Can you find the entrance?

The outside of the hotel is unassuming so we almost missed it. As soon as we got out of Uber, a bellman helped us with our bags and directed us down the hall for check in. The guest relations manager even came out to introduce herself and welcomed us to the hotel. Since we arrived too early at 9am, our room wasn’t available. We were offered a couple espressos in the lounge while we waited. Fortunately, after 30 minutes or so, a room opened up and we were taken upstairs. Our bags arrived shortly after.

Park Hyatt-Paris, Down the hall and to the right is the check in desk.

Park Hyatt-Paris, The lounge


Park Hyatt-Paris, Complimentary refreshments while we waited for a room

Several days prior to our arrival, Tran emailed the hotel to inform them that we would be there to celebrate our engagement and requested for free breakfasts, a perk for their elite customers. Our request was turned down; however, they did upgrade us to the Deluxe King Room overlooking the courtyard.  

The next night, after we spent the entire day taking engagement photos and exploring the city on foot, we came back to a wonderful surprise. There was a bottle of champagne and a personalized note. We also got a plate of different flavored macarons. I was never a fan of macarons until this trip. They were not too sweet like the American versions.

Park Hyatt-Paris, Engagement gifts

The room was a bit small but the king bed quite cozy and comfortable.

Park Hyatt-Paris, King bed

My favorite aspect of the room was the lavish and spacious bathroom. The tiled floor was even heated! It had a large tub and a shower with both hand-held and rain faucets. I don’t know why but there was also a sink by the shower, perhaps it needed to fill the large space.

Park Hyatt-Paris, Bathroom

There was ample space in the bathroom to store our suitcases.

Park Hyatt-Paris, Bathroom

Since the mini bar wasn’t complimentary, we didn’t take any items from there. Every morning, we went to a different local boulangerie or bakery to get fresh baked goods for snacks. They were relatively cheap and delicious. At the bar was a Nespresso machine that Tran seemed to enjoy.  

Enjoying the pastries under the Eiffel Tower.


Even McDonald’s has macarons


Pierre Herme, more expensive but this just melts in your mouth…so delicious

Every evening, we would return from a busy day of exploring and find turn-down service had left us 2 bottles of Evian water and tidied up the room.  After a long and relaxing bath, we’d hop into the plush robes and slippers to get ready for bed.

Park Hyatt Paris, Complimentary water

Since we were able to save so much money on flights and accommodations, we decided to splurge on food. On the third night, we asked the concierge to help us make reservations for dinner at a Michelin restaurant. Interestingly, even though I’m the physician in this relationship, the old-fashioned concierge staff wrote down our names as as Dr. and Mrs. _.

Tran and I also used the gym and spa almost on a daily basis. There is a large locker room for each gender. In each locker room, there are multiple plush robes that one could change into. Often, we were the only two using the spa so it felt quite private.

Park Hyatt Paris, Entrance to the spa


Park Hyatt Paris, Inside the women’s locker room


Park Hyatt Paris, Toiletries in the locker room

Park Hyatt Paris, Plush robes in the locker room


Park Hyatt Paris, Hot Tub

The night prior to check out, we received a letter from management informing us that there would be a possible air traffic control strike the next morning. We called the concierge desk and they recommended that we take a cab instead of public transportation due to the possible strike. We used Uber and didn’t experience any delays. We enjoyed our stay so much that we were hoping our flight would get canceled but it didn’t. Oh well, it gives us another reason to go back to the City of Love, which I ended up enjoying more than expected, mostly because I’m a huge fan of French pastries and desserts. Besides, I was scheduled to work in the ICU the following day. I’m sure my chief resident and co-workers wouldn’t like it if I were “stuck” in Paris. It was my first time staying at a luxurious hotel so everything amazed me. I would definitely come back… using points, of course.

Tip:  Prior to your stay, we encourage you to email the hotel a few days to inform them of a special occasion such as an engagement, birthday, anniversary, honeymoon, etc. Who knows? You might get room upgrades or special gifts like us. It doesn’t hurt to ask and only takes a few minutes of your time.

*We don’t have affiliate links but if you apply through our referral links and if approved, we would earn points too.  Thank you

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