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Things To Do in Redding

Part 1: Planning Summer Vacation to National Parks with Points Part 2: Hotel Review: Sheraton Redding Part 3: Things To Do in Redding Though I was raised in northern California, I only went to the Redding area once in college. Back then, I took a course on California Flora and went on a camping trip around […]

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August 2018 Financial and Net Worth Update

January 2018 Financial Update February 2018 Financial Update March 2018 Financial Update April 2018 Financial Update May 2018 Financial Update June 2018 Financial Update July 2018 Financial Update August 2018 Financial Update — After a hectic July, August turned out to be a refreshing change of pace. We are temporarily settled into California, but how […]

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Credit Cards

Credit Card Review: Chase Freedom

Chase Freedom is one of our oldest credit cards. Tran opened his in 2013, and I opened mine in 2015. We still have them to this day. Chase rules Before you start applying for any credit card, it’s best to understand each bank’s approval rule. Since Chase offers many great cards but has the most restrictive rule, if […]